One of the most frustrating situations that Pastor Ken noticed in the church officiating landscape was the many stipulations required by the traditional churches before being able to wed. This arrogance nearly destroys the beauty of the wedding planning, yet triggered a passion for working with couples that could have only resulted from seeing this critical need for couples. You want to get married by an authentic and real pastor, but you don't want to wade through the red tape of church weddings.

In fact, seeing so many couples risk being “left at the altar” by church pastors or sub-par officiants was far too much for Pastor Ken to let happen! The scramble to find a replacement, coupled with such a limited number of viable options has provided levels of anxiety that no couple should experience. You need an officiant that is authentically a pastor, and passionate about couples of varying flavors.

Pastor Ken stated in an interview that “once I figured that people who really do love each other also come from varied backgrounds…some have been divorced and are remarrying, have been living together for many years, and some have even already started families, I realized I wanted to assist them in creating a special ceremony. No longer are there stipulations on true love…” We don’t judge. We love, and we serve.

Pastor Ken offers all types of weddings including non-denominational, inter-faith, non-religious, and even ceremonies for those who are spiritual in their own unique and personal way.

Among the many other amenities of having Pastor Ken officiate your wedding such as personality, value, and professionalism, you will also enjoy the peace of mind and extremely economical packages offered that will afford you the flexibility to focus on creating an even more beautiful day. As Pastor Ken works diligently for our brides and grooms behind the scenes, there is a guarantee of unparalleled excellence, promptness in correspondence, and commitment to you.

Pastor Ken has worked very hard to earn the reputation and distinction of The Maryland Wedding Officiant, and exceptional choice for any couple on their special day.

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