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It’s such an honor and privilege to serve you on your special day, and as a testament to our commitment to excellence in Officiant Service we’ve installed this special section of the site for all of your needs! We are the only Wedding Officiant Service in the Nation with this ease in format and we remain committed to setting the standard of Excellence for our clients!

Choosing either Premarital or Marriage Coaching is the greatest investment you can possibly enter into for your life, health, and marriage. Particularly with premarital coaching, count yourself in the 35% of couples who commit to going through coaching together prior to marriage.

Special Note to Marriage Coaching Clients

 Due to the varying nature of Marriage Coaching, you will simply need to refer to section (2) and (3). You have the same access to all of the premarital coaching information and handouts and may select any of those topics if you’d like to explore those areas, however marriage coaching is generally a case-by-case endeavor.

In this Coaching Center, you have access to every aspect of our coaching to include the main coaching guide below, as well as the corresponding session packets provided. These session packets are provided more as reference and homework as we utilize the session itself to divulge in beneficial dialogue that gets Pastor Ken to the heart of the nuances that will provide concern or success for each couple. If you wish to print out these session handouts, you may on your own. In either case, remember they are always here and available to you! Here are some points to consider:

1. Session Track

Everyone begins with “Foundations of Marital Excellence” for their program, regardless of the level of coaching you have prescribed to. The remaining session topics should be provided to Pastor Ken or Jo-Ann via email as soon as possible so that we can be prepared for your sessions. Because we elect not to do “class” sessions, we are often coaching various clients on various topics sometimes on the same day and we want to ensure complete preparation for your session. The Session Guide is in the link below:

2. Session Location

Due to the wide range in regional coverage, the locations of the sessions vary from couple to couple. As a general rule, Pastor Ken tries to meet with the couple at a mid-point between Baltimore and your home location, also giving consideration to other appointments on the same evening. These sessions can happen at Panera Bread, or Starbucks, Grace International Church, or your home (depending on the scheduling). (Note: Home Visits must be free of distractions so that you can maximize the value in the program you have selected.)

3. Session Scheduling

You may select the sessions based on your availability. Due to the high volume of coaching clients (including premarital and couples already married), the earlier you provide your availability, the more likely you are to get your date! It even works better if you select “The First Monday of every month at ________” for instance. Session Slots are as follows:

  • Mondays – 5pm, 6:30pm or 8pm

  • Wednesdays – 5pm, 6:30pm or 8pm

  • Saturdays – 10:00am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm

  • Summer & Federal Holiday Availability ALL DAY!!! (So gracious if you would choose this option too!)

4. Session Topics

Review the brief description of each topic and select the topics you wish to cover. If you’d like to cover a topic not mentioned (such as “Social Media for Marriages” or “Dealing With In-laws Not From Heaven”…which is coming soon, by the way!) simply let us know and we’ll especially prepare a session just to fit your need.

Coming Soon:

  • Dynamics of Interracial (and Intercultural) Relationships 101

  • Sexual Intimacy – Between the Sheets 101 

Tips for Maximizing Your Coaching Value

  1. Always be prepared!

  2. Frequently take a break from wedding planning and work on marriage planning!

  3. Coaching doesn’t stop here! Read read read books on coaching and get connected to Marriage Enrichment Opportunities in your area. Pastor Ken always has conferences and events designed for marriage.

  4. You get out of it what you put into it. For maximum value…have maximum input!

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